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Varenummer: RH-IMS25

Vejl. pris inkl. moms

6.995,00 kr.


The ImpactStep™ has been designed to protect your vehicle from low-speed parking and loading impacts.

ImpactStep™ can reduce the lifetime cost of ownership of your van by significantly reducing body repair costs and vehicle down-time.

Independently tested up to 3mph on a fully laden Mercedes Sprinter, the ImpactStep™ can resist an impact of up to 6 tonnes.

The Step has been engineered to achieve a safe failure mode to minimise any significant damage occurring to the vehicle chassis.


Features & Benefits

  • Protects the rear of the vehicle upon impact
  • Twin rubber buffer shocks
  • Shock absorption of up to 60mm compression
  • Unique pivoting bracket design absorbs corner impact
  • Independently laboratory impact tested
  • Quick and simple fitting installation
  • Full width step design with large safety tread area
  • Anti-slip gripping surface with high visibility reflective strip